Generic Instructors Course (GIC)

Generic Instructors Course (GIC)

€550.00 p/p

3 Days

The GIC is a joint ALSG/RC(UK) blended learning approach which aims to teach the principles of adult learning. The course includes key note sessions, demonstrations and practice sessions in all six modalities of teaching and assessment required for life support training; lecture and presentation skills, skills teaching and assessment, teaching simulations, facilitating small groups and simulation assessment.

Course Details

GIC curriculum and key information

The 3-day course comprises of 1-day on-line modular education through our LMS and a 2-day face-to-face course,
followed by two post-course modules covering preparation for IC courses and reflective practice. The course is run throughout the UK and overseas, cost varies across centres.

Online modular education through our LMS: 15 e-modules

  • Introduction
  • Adult learning theory
  • Group dynamics
  • The structure of the teaching event §Feedback
  • Lecturing and presentation skills
  • Teaching skills
  • Teaching scenarios
  • Facilitating small groups
  • Assessment
  • Human factors
  • The role of the mentor
  • Planning for your GIC
  • Being a reflective practitioner

2-day face-to-face course with:

  • Educator led review sessions §Equipment familiarisation
  • Demonstrations
  • Practice sessions

Post course modules

  • Planning your IC
  • Being a reflective practitioner

Assessment and certification

The course is assessed through a mixture of continuous assessment and final practical assessments.

Once you have successfully passed the GIC you are required to teach on two courses as an Instructor Candidate. After completing your IC’s you are then issued full instructor status. To keep instructor status valid, you must teach on three courses in a two year period

Recertification options

This can take place during a course you are teaching on and requires assessment during a number of sessions. Recertification also requires completion of the pre-course e-modules through the LMS.

Candidate Criteria

Candidate criteria and eligibility Only those candidates recommended for instructor training from their provider course can attend the Generic Instructor Course.

Course Format
  • Guideline lecture
  • Discussions
  • Skill stations
  • Scenarios
  • Working in teams
  • Small group work
  • Equipment familiarisation
  • Teaching principles
  • Audio-visual familiarisation
  • Competency-based assessment
  • Blended learning
  • Problem-based learning
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