Face-to-Face courses are back!

Face-to-face training is now back up and running. The format has modifications that ensure social distancing and candidate safety are in place. The course is not delivered in 2 parts: Part 1 is the AHA/IHF HeartCode course, which has been awarded 4 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) by the NMBI and the ICGP. Part 2 is the face-to-face skills teaching, which again has been awarded 4 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) by the NMBI and the ICGP. On successful completion all candidates receive a 2-year certificate and access to the online AHA Virtual Learning Environment.  This blended-Learning approach reduces contact time but retains all the knowledge and skills components to ensure comptency in resucitation skills for adults & paediatrics

BLS for HealthCare Professionals Course - December 8th (AM)

Anaphyalxis Course - December 8th (PM)

Places are still available for the above courses. Due to the restrictions on the number of candidates who can attend the face-to-face courses the places will be on a first come first serve basis. You can book the BLS course by clicking the course from the list below or at the following links


HMIMMS Advanced Course

Glenroyal Hotel & Conference Centre, Maynooth | Date TBC 

Bookings will be taken for the HMIMMS course when dates are confirmed | Places will be limited to 12 

| Contact for further information |

FREE online HMIMMS e-Modules

FREE online HMIMMS course e-modules available to anyone who is interested in updating their knowledge on planning, supporting and managing a major incident/major emergency (such as coronavirus) contact: for the access code

SPoRTS Course 2021

Showgrounds, Sligo FC -  January 15th - 17th  

  • Sligo course direct booking: SPoRTS Course Sligo
  • For more information email: 

COVID-19 Community ALERT Signs


We have developed some ALERT signs that can be used by anyone who would like to let their family, friends and neighbours know if they need help or not.

There are 3 signs, each with a specific colour that relates to the ALERT priority, namely:

  • RED: I/we need help now
  • YELLOW: I/we do not need help yet, but please check back tomorrow
  • GREEN: I/we have everything I need and are ok

The colours are based on a Triage system that is widely used and recognised during a major incident by pre-hospital and Hospital Healthcare organisations - where the colours relate to a time frame that treatment should be provided

A box is provided on the sign for the individual or household to complete. Anyone who is in a position to help can read the specific problem and help that is being sought and avoid direct contact.

These signs should be displayed in the window or door of your/their home.


Good luck to everyone,

ICT Team


Immediate Care Training (Ireland) provide health-care professionals with opportunities through core training and education, postgraduate courses and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to help improve the health and care of the population. The objectives of the courses integrate both technical and non-technical themes.

The Immediate Care Training Ireland team have vast clinical and educational experience working with healthcare organisations worldwide. This integrated group can develop and deliver specific courses to meet the need of the individual healthcare professional and organisations. The delivery is based on a student centred learning approach and the content includes evidence based best practice that ensures that the most up to date knowledge and skills are taught.